Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Your First Recreational Kayak

Kayaking is both fun and entertaining. In fact, it is what most people crave for during vacations and outings. However, purchasing a new kayak can be an overwhelming experience particularly for the beginners. It can make the difference between throwing away one’s hard-earned money and discovering the true passion of kayaking. Buyers, therefore, must weigh several factors to determine the right kayak for their recreational needs. They also need to visit to learn more about kayaks and avoid making mistakes when buying one. Below are the common pitfalls that people make when buying their new kayak.

Assuming that Cheap is Better

Going for the cheapest kayak is the worst mistake one can ever make. It is true that most people love affordable kayaks as they are great to start with. However, just like any other product, cheap kayaks come with their downfalls. They may be less stable, durable and not comfortable as expected.



It may force one to upgrade to another kayak after some time thus leading to additional expenses. It is great to skip those big box stores and opt for secondary markets as they offer great deals. A quality kayak means more adventure and experience compared
to cheap ones.

Going for Brands with No Names

Brands that come with no names are more vulnerable to damage and can cause accidents. The design is paramount when determining the ultimate performance of a kayak. Those with good design often glide pretty well through water and are comfortable to operate.

Substandard kayaks often go in circles, dig uncomfortably and can veer to one side. Reputable companies often invest too much in the design and actual performance of their kayak equipment.

Going for Short Kayak for Easy Portability

While short kayaks are great for white waters, they may not suffice the quality of recreation that one is looking for. Long kayaks are straight and fast. Short kayaks are portable but come with limitations especially if one is not into the whitewater. It is advisable to go for long but lightweight kayaks that can fit
into a car.


Reading Reviews and Not Demoing

Most new kayakers are compelled into buying a kayak after reading other people’s reviews or looking at how a kayak is designed. Information from others can be misleading and is better to consider demoing before purchasing. Most big companies offer demos before one can buy a kayak. Additionally, one can visit a
local kayak group to have a test of a specific kayak before they can buy one.

Going for the Unnecessary Features

The basic safety features of a kayak include a carry toggles, bulkheads and hatches, backrest and a continuous deck line on both sides. The backrest shouldn’t protrude beyond the cockpit. Bulkheads shouldn’t leak and toggles should be fixed securely. These are the most basic features that determine the safety of a kayak. Other additional features might add up the price for nothing.


There are several types, brands, and sizes of kayaks on the market. Finding the right one can prove to be a daunting task. Most buyers commit mistakes that make them regret in the end. The above are some of such common pitfalls.…

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