Dealing with Mild Symptoms of Dementia

Dementia damages the brain of the elderly so that they are unable to retain short and long-term memory. It is a scary condition to suffer. Imagine you are unable to remember the people you have just met. Your brain suddenly stops keeping memories, and you are stuck only with the past.

People with dementia also have difficulties in tracking down their own address. If you have ever heard a story of an elderly getting lost in the crowd, it was most likely due to his/her dementia. It is a degenerative disease which associates strongly with Alzheimer and aging. When dementia has developed into Alzheimer, the patient will be forever lost in his/her mind. But fortunately, when dementia is still at its mild stage, the damage can be halted.


Meditation 1Meditating the right way enhances one’s capability to focus. When meditation is combined with a breathing exercise, the practitioner will also feel the benefits of improved blood flow and healthy blood vessels. It used to be only a myth and got sanctioned by medics. But as reported on, fMRI and EEG on a meditating brain have confirmed how the brain cells strengthen the connection with each other. The volume of gray matter in the brain is also significantly increased.

To do it, you do not need to spend money on expensive gears. Find yourself a noise-free room that is well-ventilated and sit there with an upright posture and fold your legs flat on the floor. Tense your core muscle a bit and control your breathing while closing your eyes. Try to play intimate memories back in your mind, whether they are of grief or happiness. Amplify that feeling and try to embrace that emotion.

Meditation is strongly associated with religious practice, while in fact, we can detach that image and re-interpret the exercise according to our need. You do not need to be religious to be spiritual.

Reducing carbs and preserved food

SugaryThe modern diet is full of carbs and lacks fiber. Guts bacteria have been scientifically proven to affect our psychological health strongly. People with unhealthy tummy are more likely to be distressed, anxious, and experiencing mood disorders. Consuming too much carbs lits the brain on fire. The brain also gets addicted to the substance over time. And to overcome this, you can add more veggies, fruits, and lean meat to your diet. Avoid pasta, rice, or bread. Sweet beverages are also the primary source of excessive carbs intake. We should drink less soda and take more water.

Canned food is also harmful to our brain. Preserved food uses chemicals that will reduce the efficiency of neurons to transmit information. The longer we feed our brain with preserving chemicals, the most likely we are to lose more and more brain cells.

Having more of sweaty workout

WorkoutIt does not matter what your age is. You need to challenge yourself to do high-impact exercises, like running, cycling, or doing a jump rope. High-impact activities are very good to your brain because they force your brain to adapt to dynamic environments. Those exercises improve your motoric ability.

But you must know that a high-impact sport will also make you prone to injury. To do it safely, you must consult a physician or a certified sports trainer. They will create a program for you according to your capacity and set realistic physical goals.

Consuming nutritious food

Fish Oil PillsBrain demands nutrition to sustain itself. Melatonin, vitamin D3, AA, DHA, Omega 3 are the nutrition that can enhance your brain’s capacity. Fish oil is as good as the commercial says, and you can add it as supplementary to your diet. But for brain supplements, it is better for you to get it from natural sources, such as pomegranate, avocado, salmon fish, and lean meat. Also, do not overcook your food unless you want it to lose its nutrition.