Insights into Breast Augmentation Procedures

Not many are familiar with breast augmentation, but they understand breast implant surgery. Simply put, the procedure involves inserting breast implants into the chest usually to increase their size. For this to be possible, surgery is undertaken. Once the implants are fitted, there will be a notable increase in firmness of the breast. The complexity of the procedure requires that the person undertaking the surgery must know what they are doing. Any error might result in irreversible permanent damage to the shape of your breasts.


surgeonThe Procedure

For the implants to be inserted in the chest, the surgeon will begin by making a chest incision. The incision is done right below the breasts where it does not reveal itself. The best surgeons do the process seamlessly in a manner that appears completely natural thereafter. Implants are inserted right into the pocket cavity between the breast tissue and chest muscles. To lift the cavity, special forceps are used, after which implants are exerted. On completion, the cut is patched up. Those concerned about scarring might opt for cosmetic surgeons.


Material Used

Ever since the first stages of breast augmentation and development, the material used undergoes several changes. Previously, silicone was the preferred transplant material. The medical industry, later on, decided to drop silicone implants as implant materials as they increase the patient’s likelihood of suffering from cancer.

This motivated the search for a new implant material. One that would be equally as flexible as silicone yet pose no harmful threat. The new breakthrough seems to be an adoption of salt gels. The gels still contain a silicone capsule purposely for maintenance of the rigidity of the breast. What makes this new technique different from the earlier one is the harmful nature of the salt gel when exposed to the human body. Silicone capsules can adhere better to the muscles and tissues that make up the inside cavity. Long before the proper material was identified the surgical method of placing implants into the chest was developed. Those women who engage in breastfeeding face a difficult choice – whether to opt for ruptured implants or those that are round.


surgeryMerits and Demerits of Common Implants Today

As their name suggests, round implants are circular and symmetrical. They can be easily inserted as they will be slipped inside the incision. As a result, they tend to be cheaper and do not require the user to incur huge expenditure. Achieving the exact appearance of a natural female breast might not be easy. This is because the rounded nature might not be accurate or proportional to the real thing. The other type of implants is those with a drop. They aim to supplement the natural form and appearance of the breast. The surgeon must introduce this. Any error done during the making of the implants will result in clumsy and unproportioned breast sizes. Despite their natural look, they do not come cheap. They are twice as expensive as the round implants, and the treatment is costly. Also, would recommended to be done by top plastic surgeons in az. The entire operation does not drag on for over two hours.