Benefits of Alcohol that You Might Not Be Aware Of

Alcohol has been suspected as the primary cause of severe health problems, like heart attack, liver damage, and brain impairment. But our ancestors have been consuming alcohol for milennia, and no advanced civilization ever existed without brewery technology. It will be careless to say that drinking is entirely harmful to the body.

Moderation is the key

AlcoholismNow, let us first explore the idea that antagonizes alcohol as the root of all evil. Scientific researchers did prove alcohol can be fatal for consumption, but only under two circumstances: consuming it abusively and having an allergy to alcohol. How much is too much, then? For beers, three regular size pints for a day is still considered okay. For the wine, with eighteen or more percent alcohol, the acceptable amount of intake will be less, around two regular size wine glasses a day. And for the strong shots, liquor with forty percent or more of alcohol, you should have no more than two shots per day. It will be better if you also allocate a day or two for your body to take a break.

The benefits of moderate drinking

Drinking in moderation can improve our health, and it has been linked to:

  • Decreased chance of having a heart attack

Blood CellsScientific research that got published in the British Medical Journal has said that moderate alcohol consumption gives a protective effect to the heart. How it works precisely still needs further studies, but it has been linked to the increase of good cholesterol in the blood.

  • Preventing stroke by clogged blood vessels in the head (ischemic stroke)

Ischemic stroke is also on the list of blood circulatory health problems that can be avoided by drinking alcohol. This finding is according to the same research by BMJ.

  • Reduced risk of diabetes

A study by Diabetes Care in 2005 have found that moderate alcohol consumption reduces the risk of developing diabetes. Alcohol drinkers have a better sensitivity toward glucose compared with nondrinkers, which make them better at processing the substance.

  • Controlled weight gain

LeanIt is surprising to find that alcohol drinkers tend to consume fewer carbs in their diet. A study by The Archives of Internal Medicine in 2010 has found that phenomenon and concludes that alcohol drinkers’ metabolism is less likely to store excessive fat.

  • Improving brain’s capacity

Alcohol intoxication does kill the brain cells. And studies have shown that alcohol is worse than marijuana when it comes to damaging brain cells. But again, in moderation, alcohol can even enhance one’s thinking capability. Alcohol drinkers have conditioned their brain cells to adapt to intoxication. And high tolerance means stronger cells. Loyola University conducted the research that supports this claim.

Despite the physical benefits, drinking in the pub with friends gives positive impacts to our social life as well, which then can reduce our stress and anxiety. Besides, there is also no solution better than alcohol to break the ice in a rigid situation.

Warning notes

AlcoholicHowever, bear in mind that alcohol is not for everyone. Some people are born with alcohol intolerance, and it does not have anything to do with their being tough or not. It is their genes that prohibit them from enjoying alcohol. They will develop itchy redness on their skin and a sudden blackout.

People who have a history of liver damage also should not consume alcohol without medical supervision. It can be fatal for them.…

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