Common Solutions for People with Writer’s Block Condition

Writers’ block is the worst thing that can happen to you in the middle of an urgent writing project. It’s the dreadful condition that marks the end of a creativity spree and ushers in blockage. You can never tell when a cloud of writers’ block will glide by and have you back on the writing track again, but it’s always prudent to do something about it if the condition fails to cease or else you may as well forget writing in entirety.

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studyingWriting and reading are two different things though they both contribute toward your creative attributes as a writer. Therefore, when the writing aspects of your creative genius fail to deliver the right of choice words, turn to read. Reading is one of the common solutions for people with writer’s block condition because it opens up the brain to a world of sentence structures and word choice.

Write down any phrase that you find intriguing, and you will soon be motivated to sit at your computer to churn creative phrases with an inspired touch.

Consider Mental Fatigue

The brain is designed to perform thousands of operations at the same time – making it one of the wonder-riddled multi-tasking machines known to man. Like any other biological organ, it also gets exhausted, and it’s likely to shut down naturally at this point. Note that mental fatigue instigates many writers’ block incidents, and you can do the following to turn from the path creativity aridity to one with blooming and resourceful literary ingenuity.

  • Physical exercise – the idea of working out in to push back writer’s block is to increase the amount of blood that flows in and out of your brain. Your brain cells get sufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients to help it bounce back and restore your ability to write.
  • activitiesHealthy diet – there are numerous brain power boosting meals, and they should form a huge portion of your diet whenever you’re experiencing writer’s block. Note that writing also dehydrates your body and this is likely to affect the brain and the entire body system in ways that induce writers’ block. Take a lot of water and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables in the process. Protein diet is also significant in this case as it turns away your subconscious mind from holding back creativity by building your mental muscles.
  • Do something different – monotony kills creativity. Doing the same thing day-in-day-out also kills the spirit and leads to physical as well as intellectual boredom. It follows that you can beat writers’ block by balancing your daily activities. Your regular day-to-day schedule should subsequently include cognitive activities such as writing and physical activities of any kind.


If you don’t have time for any of the above common things that people do roll back writer’s block, then you may want to consider brain games and apps that help people solve this problem. You can review writer’s block apps on Dopa to get highlights of the ones that can help you.…

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